How To Write A Successful Admission Essay And Personal Statement

Admission essays and personal statements have become an indispensible part of the admission process of most of the colleges, universities and other professional educational institutions. Students often get confused with these two terms. Some institutions demand for an admission essay, while some other requires for personal statement. These two terms are often used interchangeably when describing an essay featured as a part of an application. No matter what is demanded by the selection committee, but how to write these personal statement or admission essay impressively is definitely a matter of question since it determines whether you are an eligible candidate or not to a particular educational institution. The selection committee used these personal statement or admission essay as a tool for measuring your intelligence, knowledge, interest and passion in the particular field of study you chose.

Admission essays always have specific question or prompt. Depending upon the nature of specific schools, questions vary. The specific questions provided by the selection committee differentiate admission essays from personal statements. Personal statement is a general type of admission essay. In personal statement, you have maximum freedom to write on your own choice. In a personal statement you have to include, how and where an interest in the specific subject or field of choice developed? What are your ambitions and plans for the future? What are your special skill and experiences in the particular field? And also mention, what are your strengths and how you overcome difficulties. Personal statement deals with the elements of past, present and future of the applicant.

How to write a successful personal statement or admission essay is always a pain in the neck for students. This is the main reason for students largely depending online and other admission essay writing services and personal statement writing services. Students don’t want to take chances on their favorite place of study. Websites and professionals rendering admission essay writing services and personal statement writing services ensures quality and standard in their writings. Students have to pay a great attention and care, while choosing such online and other admission essay writing services and personal statement writing services. Don’t get cheated by fake service providers. Check out the reviews of such websites which are easily available at internet.

Don’t get panic about how to write an impressive admission essay and personal statement. Following tips may help you to tackle this problem.

Need preparations

You have to keep in mind that, you cannot write a successful admission essay or personal statement within a few hours. It needs several days of preparations and planning. In personal statement, you have maximum freedom to write on your own choice. It doesn’t means that you can write everything you want. You have to follow an analytical and personal approach on presenting your past and present experiences, interests and achievements. Don’t exaggerate your future aims and goals. Concentrate on things which have already evidences before the members of selection board. Take enough time to present yourself impressively before the selection board. Start preparations and collect information early. As admission essays are provided with specific questions, apply a great deal of hard work to understand the real intension of the question and understand what they really want to hear from you.

Be personal

Don’t copy others admission essay or personal statement. Selection boards want to know who you are. What are your experiences, interests and passion? They mainly seek about how you judge yourself and how you present yourself before others. Try to avoid quotations. Be specific and maintain a positive and confident tone throughout your writing. Include what is special, unique, distinctive or impressive about ‘your’ past, present and future.

Prove your writing ability

Members of selection committee definitely evaluate your writing ability. Therefore try to avoid grammatical errors, spelling mistakes and poorly worded sentences. If there is any word limit provided by the authorities, don’t go beyond such limit. Your writing must be non-generic.

Selection of topics

Sometimes you can choose your own topics for your essay. While selecting your topics, you have to completely avoid topics related to religion, politics, race, ethnic groups. Avoid common and boring topics like your picnic experiences, best friend etc.


Without an editing, you cannot submit an impressive personal statement or admission essay. Continuous reading of your final draft is the first step of editing. If you read aloud, you can easily understand your mistakes. You can also seek help of your parents and friends.